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Miscellaneous Monday: Moving Day!

August 15, 2011

It’s finally here! Time to drive down to Tennessee so C and I can be together.

All together now: WOO-HOO!!

I’m writing this update from a hotel room in Victor, Ny (just south of Rochester)… just shy of 450 miles from my place of birth. Forgive me if this post lacks my usual sparkle. Driving for 7 hours kind of takes it out of you, you know? Having driven across NY state several times I can say with some authority that I have a love-hate relationship with I-90. On the one hand, it’s beautiful. Lush, rolling hills of green stretch out in all directions. Even some of the rest stops are pretty! On the downside, it takes for-FREAKING-ever to complete this section of road trip, and after 200 miles, all those lush rolling hills start to look the same. I mean… we still have almost 300 miles to Buffalo, so most of the day will be spent just trying to get out of New York State. Add to that the fact that I drove through a rip-snorter of a thunderstorm earlier today, and I’m already exhausted.

Happy, but wiped.

Thankfully, there are things to look forward to as I continue driving. One of my favorites wineries is in Geneva, Ohio, which I will encounter shortly after leaving NY (and the approximately 16 miles of Pennsylvania that you drive through). Ferrante is a discovery from my first journey west a few years back, when I had my sister and her husband (then fiance) in tow. G read about it in a brochure at the hotel the first night, and we weren’t that far away, so we went! What we found was an absolutely adorable restaurant… outdoor patio, live music, totally packed. Oh, and the wine was pretty good, too! We shared wine flights and pizza and had a lovely time.

It’s not entirely a coincidence that I’ll be rolling through Ashtabula County Ohio tomorrow around lunchtime ^_^

For now, though, I’ll be signing off — next time I write, it’ll be from Tennessee!

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