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Apparently Cataluña is NOT a part of Spain…

January 29, 2007

I went out Saturday night with my friend Megan, and we ended up meeting 5 guys from Barcelona who were in town on vacation. They were pretty cool, so we ended up hanging out with them for most of the evening, and through several bars.

Silliness ensued

What was really interesting to me was that, at different points in the evening, three of the guys asked me how I felt about George W., and all were really relieved when they found out that I have no support for that man whatsoever. I actually talked with one of them (Ruben, he's only in one photo) for half an hour about the differences between succession through political means as opposed to separation through terrorism (Cataluña vs. ETA, more or less), and talking about how the train bombing in Madrid a few years ago was actually perpetrated by Al-Qaida, and not ETA, because the then President of Spain was supporting Bush by sending troops to Iraq. *This is all true, by the way, look it up* It was a really interesting conversation, one because of the topic, and two because IT WAS ALL IN SPANISH!! I was so proud. Looks like all of my "edumacation" is paying off afterall.

Then, I discovered that all of them consider themselves Catalan first, Spanish second, which I found interesting. Apparently regional ties here run deep, more so if your region happens to have it's own language and culture. *shrugs* I say good for them, as long as they never resort to mindless killing to get their way…which I think is a safe bet, seeing as the Catalans are renowned for their artistic temperaments.

Anyway. Here's your Spanish phrase for the week:

El fin no justifica los medios.
The end doesn't justify the means.

Georgie, I finally found a wild cat in Spain!! Maybe this will remind you of Greece?

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  1. March 3, 2007 11:49

    MEOW! I missed your kitty comment at first. Awww, just like Greece, except my Gus Gus had crossed eyes…this kitty just looks cross in genreral. You must have disturbed his 24 hour nap. 🙂


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