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11th Hour Saviours

October 17, 2006

I've been feeling a bit blue these past few days…partly because of the weather, which is heinously wet and gray (and is destined to be so all week), and partly because sometimes you just get the blues, you know? I was sad to have missed Matt and Michelle's wedding, I have a lot on my mind, classes are demanding, and even someplace like this it feels like there are too few hours in the day.

BUT! My family and friends have come winging to my rescue out of the blue: today I got two letters (one from each grandma), text messages of encouragement from friends, a package of goodies (THANK YOU!!) from my parents, and last but best of all; GEORGIE CALLED!!

I think I confused her at first, because I've gotten into the habit of answering my phone in Spanish, but once we got past that we chatted for nearly 25 minutes…she's bought a phone card so that she can call me from the land-line at her school every once in awhile.

I can honestly say I've never been so excited in my life to get a phonecall. We traded a few stories about our respective European lives, and discussed some plans for when she comes to Spain in December.

Thank God for my family, and my friends…I love you all, thank you for being supportive, and thank you for having perfect timing.

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