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The Puente (Bridge)

September 26, 2006

I took my first walk from the center back to the apartment in Triana this afternoon– I needed a break from the bus, and all of the people and pushing and noise that go with it. I realized as I was walking that it was also the first time I had crossed "my" bridge- The Puente Isabel II. It basically provides a straight path from my side of the river (Triana) to the city center, and I had never walked it before this afternoon.

I really enjoyed the walk- being right in the middle of all the people that I'm usually looking at out of the window of the bus. My ankle hurts something fierce– the walk is approximately 1.5 miles– but the trade-off of being happy seems to be worthwhile. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made walking, actually, especially when you consider that I only broke my ankle a little over 4 months ago! Go persistence…

I've decided that I'm going to walk home from school everyday from now on, and take the bus in. It's more direct to walk home, and it only takes an extra 10 minutes. And then there's the little side benefit of exercise…maybe I can work off some of this DELICIOUS food I'm being given!

The city is continuing to grow on me, and although I'm not completely happy here yet, the stretches of happiness are getting longer and more frequent.
I miss being able to go out alone at night and be safe; but here at least there is a wide array of places I can go with my new friends.
I miss the smell of fall in New England– that mix of falling leaves and cold wind that carries the promise of snow; but here I have the warmth of the sun shining on my face and the breeze from the river.
I miss the solitude of walking in the woods…but here I'm finding that I love how human a city sounds, even at all hours of the day.

I take my little moments of happiness when they come, but I'm still searching for the void in the heart of a country girl where a city can find its place.

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