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Former CCCS Student, the Countdown continues

June 26, 2006

Today I was introduced to a good friend of one of my mom's coworkers (you figure that one out), who had attended a CC-CS program back in 1997.

Jane (my mum's coworker) invited us over to her house to join her and Kristen for a light lunch and some chatting. We hit it off right away, and I had the opportunity to ask lots of questions, as well as hear some fun stories, and get some good advice on surviving my year abroad.

Apparently, Kristen also met her husband (a Sevillano) while she was studying abroad that year ^_^. Let's hope that's not included in the price of the program, or I might come home with more of a souvenir than I bargained for!

Anyway, I also installed a cute little countdown ticker to mark the time before takeoff. I think later I'll change it (or add a new one) to mark how long I stay in Spain. AND we bought my plane tickets, so things are getting more official even as I type!

Guess that's it for now…more as it happens!

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